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We have the highest quality selection of Alaskan, heirloom and boutique cannabis strains. Every phase of production, from our organic 100% line to our innovative and ground-breaking cultivation methods, is done with precision and care according to Alaska state regulations. No matter your level of experience, our budtenders will ensure that you leave our store with the right product for you. Check out our daily deals to ensure you don’t miss out on the best deal possible when you visit our weed shop.

Catalyst Cannabis is committed towards reducing our environmental impact and to playing an active role in the sustainability of the cannabis industry. We aim to be an example for the industry best dispensary in anchorage alaska in how to operate a recreational marijuana dispensary sustainably. We use OMRI registered and CDFA certified fertilizers and living soils in our cultivation. We reduce water runoff and ensure that no harmful byproducts reach our local watersheds. When it comes to reducing our carbon footprint on the planet’s environment, we don’t stop at nothing.

Indica strains have been known to relax more than sativa strains. Hybrids combine both of these traits. However, it is difficult to predict the effects of a strain. There are no hard and fast rules. You can consult a budtender in the shop for advice based on your preferences.

Randy Wells, the owner of The Tufted Puffin is in Seward. One thing that he and his staff spend a lot time teaching his customers is terpenes. These compounds contribute to the aroma and flavor of cannabis plants and can also influence their effects. You won’t get the effects you want if you don’t know what terpenes exist in the same strain. Wells stated that people may be looking for indica if they are seeking sleep. However, the dominant terpene of the strain can affect the user’s ability to get the desired effect.

Kevin Schwan, coowner of Denali’s Cannabis Cache says that his store places a lot of emphasis upon terpene profiles. Schwan stated that there are many great cannabis strains and some strains that outperform most cannabis strains with high THC numbers. This is because they have high or terpene counts. Gavin Spudwills works as a budtender for Uncle Herb’s. The store has locations in Anchorage, Homer and Homer. Visitors who want to try some local strains should visit Xtra Tuf at Herb’s Garden, Anchorage. Spudwills likes it because it’s an indica-strain. He also recommends Mercy Fruit Haze by Mercy Tree of Alaska and Jolly Rancher from Ace of Spades, which is a CBD-heavy sativa.

“Mercy Fruit Haze has a fruity flavor, but it’s not overpowering. Spudwills stated that it’s a great dog-walking joint. “Jolly Rancher (is)) a nice strain that relieves anxiety and pain, and has a great flavor.”

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