Tips and Tricks in Nintendo Switch Porting

The screen, like most other devices, is the largest battery drain on Switch. Although the screen is not affected by docking, handheld mode will see it for 10 minutes before it goes to sleep. This setting can reduce the amount wasted charge. To set your Switch into sleep mode after a minute of inactivity, go to System Settings > Night Mode > Auto-Sleep.

The Switch can be unlocked by pressing any button at least three times. Have you ever tried it? If so, you will notice the software Easter egg. The buttons all sound the same. However, the ZL trigger trigger, ZR trigger and the left control button make funny, fun sounds like a clowns horn. Another thing to consider is that the Switch’s clicky clicking sound when you tap on a random spot is pressure port pc games to switch sensitive. It will vary in pitch depending upon how hard or soft it is touched.

Do you wonder how many hours of work Zelda took? It’s easy. Click on your Mii photo in the upper left corner. To get an idea of how much time you wasted on collecting Korok seeds, click Profile. If you have friends, you will need their Friends Code to see their recent activities.

You no longer need to have a Japanese-specific console to play Japanese games. Settings > System > Area allows you to change your region. Many games are accessible worldwide, however some titles might only be available in certain regions. If you are looking for a specific game, this list might be helpful. Switching to Europe from the US has one other advantage: The box art of some games such as Breathless Wild can be changed. You could also create new users for each region.

The Switch dock features three USB ports. You can plug in almost any USB keyboard to the Switch dock and it should work. This will let you enter passwords or type menus. Keep in mind, however, that the keyboard can’t be used for gaming purposes. Bluetooth headsets can also be used. Surprisingly, some of our old PS4 headphones plugged in right to the Switch.

If you’ve upgraded to the Switch OLED or need to transfer data to another unit, you can bring your profiles, save data, and screenshots from your old console over to your new one. This guide will walk you through how to transfer your existing profiles, game save data, and screenshots and recordings from the old console to the new one.

If you’ve upgraded to the Switch LED (or simply need to transfer to another unit), you can import your saved profiles, game data, screenshots and recordings as well as your save data from your previous console to your new Switch OLED. This guide will walk you through how to transfer your existing profiles, game save data, and screenshots and recordings from the old console to the new one.

Although the Switch can be quite stable, it is susceptible to occasional freezes. The Switch can be turned off by holding Power for several seconds until the restart screen opens. If the Switch doesn’t turn off, you can do a hard reboot by pressing the power button for approximately 12 seconds. Just keep holding the power button down. It should be left to power down for 30 seconds, then it should be repowered.

If your problem continues, you might try turning it off and pressing the power button. Next, press down on the volume buttons. This will reset it factory or clean it.


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