Must-Haves after Your Back Surgery

You should avoid lifting and bending your body, no matter the type of back surgery or pain control you are receiving. All of these actions put unnecessary stress on the spine. To avoid twisting and bending you need to slow down. We do these movements all day without noticing. To reach an object on the ground, instead of bending from the waist down to grab it, try squatting down.

When squatting can’t be done due to joint discomfort or inflexibility, you may want to use a reacher. This device has a small claw attached to a handle. You can grab items like a phone or remote while keeping your back neutral. You may also want to consider a sturdy pair of slippers that precio de operación de hernia discal you can use during recovery. So, it is easier to avoid bending down when you put your shoes and socks on.

Although you need to take care with how you move during your recovery period, it’s not necessary that you stop. Marko says one of the most common mistakes after a back operation is to spend too much time lying on the couch or bed. Your body will become weaker and more stiff the longer you lie in bed or couch.

The fluid in the joints acts as gravy when heated. It is important to keep your joints moving, as the heated fluid will lubricate them and make you feel much better. Marko says “motion, is lotion”.

Optimizing pre-surgery physical fitness increases your chances of having a more rapid and easy recovery. Marko advises that you consult with a physical therapy before the procedure. You might feel pain or find it difficult to perform certain tasks, but physical therapy is a highly trained professional who can determine what you should do. They will also help strengthen your joints in the area of the injury.

Marko advises that when searching for a good clinician to look for one who has the OCS (Orthopedic Clinical Specialist) designation. This indicates advanced training and a higher level of expertise in the specialty. Rehab should be considered well before surgery. Marko says that you could end up in a long waiting list if you don’t schedule your appointment before surgery. Delaying physical therapy may hinder your progress.

Marko recommends booking some appointments even if your exact post-op plan is not yet known. This way, if things change, you will still be able to make changes. You’ll have less stress after your surgery and healing period if you book a place in advance.

While you’re preparing for your back surgery, remember that recovering from it will take time and effort. Although you will need to wait and be patient for your body, you can help the healing process along by preparing yourself before your surgery and staying active afterwards.

Battery-operated TENS units deliver low and high intensity electrical signals through electrodes attached to the area of pain. It is important to note that a TENS unit does not cure underlying conditions, such as spinal problems. However, it can be helpful for treating back pain symptoms and pain.

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