MacBook Pro Tips and Tricks Get the Most Out of macOS

Spending some time to customize the Finder on your MacBook Air is a worthwhile investment. Click the Finder icon in the upper-left corner of Finder, and then click Preferences. You’ll see a smorgasbord options to choose what you want to view and when. You may not want to hide certain things by default. You’ll want to first check the Hard disks box under the General Tab so your hard drive will appear on your desktop. It’s easier to use.

We recommend enabling Pictures, Music and Movies if you plan to open these types of files a lot. If you’re going to open these types of files a great deal, we recommend enabling Pictures, Music, and Movies. It is an amazing device. This MacBook Pro has been my favorite MacBook price in Srilanka for two months. The MacBook Pro is fast, beautiful, and runs all day. This display is made smoother than butter thanks to the 120Hz ProMotion Technology. These are the top MacBook Pro tricks and tips that you can use to unlock the laptop’s true potential and make it easier for you to do your work.

Quick Look is my favorite feature on Mac. You will find that you won’t need to open a single file if you use this feature regularly. You can perform quick look action by selecting your file, then tapping the spacebar once. You can, for example, select a pdf and tap the spacebar to scan its content without opening the file. This feature is not without its limits.

Quick Look will show you a preview of the document or image you’re trying to view. You can see all the content in a file if it is a picture or document. If it is a book or folder, it only shows you the surface information like file size and date last modified. You’ll find that the Quick Look feature is very useful once you know where to use it and when not.

Spotlight evolved over the years from simply being a Mac search engine. You can now use Spotlight to do many things. Spotlight can be used to convert currency and units. It is something I use almost every day to convert currency and measurements. Spotlight can be used to do simple math calculations, such as multiplication, division and addition.

By default, when you take an app in full-screen mode, the Menu Bar will be hidden. This is because the apps cannot use the Menu Bar area anymore due to the notch. When you open an app full screen, by default the Menu Bar will be hidden. This is not logical, since the notch means that apps can’t use the Menu Bar anymore.

You will notice that formatting data is carried over when you copy and paste text from one webpage into another. The formatting of your document can be messed up if you do this. You will need to spend time reformatting text.

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