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Another option is to label each box with the room it is going to. You can also label boxes with the contents. But this might prove confusing to movers. We recommend that you only do this if you’re actually moving. You can take a quick picture of the contents of your boxes once they have been packed. It will be helpful later if you need to refresh your memory about where certain items are located. You won’t be able to capture every item, but it should give you an idea of what will be in each box.

A small duffle bag, or suitcase, should be packed with all the personal items you need for your move. Your sanity will be saved on your first night in your new house by having the essentials box (or open-first) ready. You should have all the essentials you will need after your move. For small children, diapers and extra clothing commercial moving and storage are necessary. Pets will need easy access to their food and water bowls, as well as the leash, toys, treats, and chews.

This includes your television, computer, and other electronics. Before you hire a moving service, take photographs of your computer. These photos may prove useful if your computer is damaged during transit or you need to file an insurance claim. Take all manuals with you when you move valuable electronic devices, such as your computer. The cords should be labeled. If possible, keep the original packaging. It is best to transport a TV in the original packaging, including the Styrofoam. If you don’t have one, wrap the TV with a moving blanket. This will provide sufficient padding for the transit. It should be propped up, and not laid down. It can be kept upright in the truck by tying it to mattresses or other soft furniture.

For stacking pots and saucepans, you can use a large box or a medium one. Place packing paper between them. Put paper or dish towels between the pots and pans to prevent them from moving in transit. Wrap glass lids with plastic wrap and place in a box. This is the most secure way to transport them. You can either buy specialized dividers that fit in standard boxes or use the liquor stores boxes for an emergency. Pack each glass with packing paper, but don’t stack them.

It is best to pack liquids in a single container to prevent them from damaging your valuables. Use plastic wrap to seal the oils and sauces’ openings. Take off the top, wrap the wrap around the oil and place it back. You can wrap the top of the container with more plastic wrap, or seal it with a plastic bag. To line a cardboard box, use a garbage bag.

Plastic bins are recommended for liquid packing. You don’t need to worry about liquids spilling onto other items, unlike cardboard. Plastic containers can be reused and kept contained so that liquids do not spill. You don’t need any plastic moving boxes, but you can search for the best plastic moving companies.

As we have mentioned, take out all light bulbs and then the harps. Wrap the lightbulbs, harps, and bases separately. You can place them in a box and use plenty of bubble wrap, paper or newspaper to fill in the spaces.

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